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Board MLM LearnPress


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Affiliate Board Plan Learning Management System (LMS)

Board MLM plan, also known as the revolving matrix plan or board plan MLM, is a compensation structure used in multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing companies. It is designed to incentivize and reward distributors for their sales efforts and team building activities.

Based on this understanding, there is no specific concept or feature called “board MLM plan” within the LearnPress LMS. LearnPress focuses on providing essential tools and functionalities for course creation, student enrollment, lesson management, assessments, and other related features. It does not incorporate MLM or network marketing compensation structures by default.

However, it’s worth noting that LearnPress is a flexible and customizable LMS plugin, and there may be third-party plugins or custom developments that can integrate MLM features or compensation plans within the LearnPress system. These would be additional features created by developers specifically for MLM purposes and not part of the core LearnPress functionality.

Affiliate marketing can be a way to monetize your website or blog if you have an audience interested in e-learning, online courses, or WordPress-related topics. However, it’s important to comply with any rules or guidelines set by the affiliate program and to provide genuine and valuable recommendations to your audience.

  • Multiple commission types, including direct and indirect commissions
  • Customizable commission percentages for each affiliate
  • Automatic commission tracking and payout
  • Robust reporting and analytics to track your business growth

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Board Plan with LearnPress (LMS) Commission

Affiliate or Referrals

affiliates earning a commission for every user they refer who enrolls in a course. With an affiliate plugin integrated into LearnPress, you can track referrals and associate them with the respective affiliates.

Level Commission

In a multi-level commission structure, affiliates earn commissions not only from their direct referrals but also from the referrals of their downline affiliates. Affiliates can earn commissions based on each level of their downline's sales.

Join Commission

Joining commissions are earned when new affiliates join the program. Affiliates can earn a one-time commission for referring others to become affiliates. This can incentivize the growth of your affiliate network.

Interactive Video

If your LearnPress courses include interactive videos, you could create a commission structure where affiliates earn commissions for referrals that result in the enrollment of users specifically in interactive video courses.

Matching Commission

A matching commission rewards affiliates for the commissions earned by their downline affiliates. For example, an affiliate might earn a percentage of the commissions earned by their direct referrals.

Completion Commission

Completion commissions are earned when referred users successfully complete a course. This rewards affiliates not just for referrals but for driving engagement and successful learning outcomes.

LearnPress Customization Development Services

Features of Board Plan LearnPress, WordPress Plugins

Analytics and Reporting

LMSs provide data and insights into learners’ activities, engagement, and performance, enabling administrators to make informed decisions about course improvement.

LMS System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or platform designed to facilitate the creation, delivery, management, and tracking of educational content and training programs.

User Dashboard

A user dashboard within a Learning Management System (LMS) provides learners with a centralized hub where they can access important information, manage their courses, track progress, communicate with instructors and peers, and view their overall performance.


Many LMSs can integrate with other tools and services, such as video conferencing platforms, payment gateways, and content authoring tools.

Run Payouts

Seamlessly manage your MLM rewards with LearnPress. The “Run Payouts” feature automates the process of distributing commissions and bonuses to your network of affiliates. It ensures accurate and timely payouts to reward their efforts and motivate further growth.

Payout Reports

Stay informed with detailed insights through Payout Reports in LearnPress. Access comprehensive summaries of commissions, bonuses, and earnings within your MLM network. These reports empower you to make informed decisions and foster transparency among your affiliates.

Backup and Recovery

Safeguard your MLM data with ease using LearnPress’s Backup and Recovery feature. Protect critical information related to your network’s performance, payouts, and member data. In case of unexpected events, ensure the continuity of your MLM operations by restoring data effortlessly.


Visualize and understand your MLM network structure with the Genealogy feature in LearnPress. This tool provides an interactive graphical representation of the relationships between affiliates in your downline. It’s an essential tool for tracking growth, identifying leaders, and optimizing your network’s efficiency.

Interactive Video Commission

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