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Binary MLM WooCommerce


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Binary Multi-Level Marketing Plan WooCommerce

Binary MLM Woocomerce Software is a web application that integrate with the Woocommerce plugin and helps to manage binary MLM networks.

Binary MLM Woocommerce includes a two legged structure where in a parent Node has two sub nodes where each new distributor or members is placed in either left or right sub-tree. One sub-tree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg while the second sub-tree is a Profit Leg or a weak leg.. It  is one of the basic Binary MLM plan which is required by all the MLM organizations be it small or large. The binary MLM plan helps admin managing users or sub nodes in a binary network to keep record of their income, expenses etc.

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Admin Details

Username: bmw_admin

Password: Demo@8520

User Details

Username: user2

Password: user@1234

Features of Binary MLM Plan Binary MLM Multi Level Marketing BMW MLM plan Affiliate  Binary MLM WooCommerce

Admin User

Admin Dashboard

A centralized control panel for administrators to manage and monitor the entire MLM system.

Affiliate Setting

Admins can set commission rates for direct referrals or affiliate commissions. This involves determining the percentage or fixed amount that users earn for each direct referral.

Level Setting

Admins can configure commission rates for each level within the binary structure. Different levels may have different commission percentages.

Pair Setting

Configuration of commission settings for pair matching within the binary structure. This includes specifying the commission amount or percentage for each matched pair.

Regular Settings

Admins can set criteria and commission rates for regular bonuses, such as achievement bonuses or milestone bonuses.

Genealogy Tree

Visual representation of the binary tree structure showing the relationships between users and their downline.

Run Payout

Admins can initiate the payout process, which calculates and disburses commissions to eligible users based on the configured settings.

Payout Report

Comprehensive reports detailing the payouts made to users. This includes information on the source of the commission, the amount, and the recipient.

User Report

Detailed reports on user activities, including direct referrals, downline growth, and earnings.

Subscription Plan

Configuration of subscription plans, including the duration of user subscriptions and the timing for commission calculations.

Withdrawal Report

Reports providing insights into withdrawal requests made by users. This includes information on the amount requested and the status of each withdrawal.

Withdrawal Limit

Admins can set minimum and maximum withdrawal limits to control the amount users can request for withdrawal.

Proceed Withdrawal

Capability for admins to review and approve withdrawal requests, initiating the disbursement of funds.

Enable and Disable

Admins have the ability to enable or disable specific types of commissions or the entire commission system as needed.

Tax and Service Charge

Configuration options for adding taxes and service charges to commission payouts.


Criteria for determining user eligibility to receive commissions. This may include meeting sales targets, recruiting a minimum number of members, etc.

Shortcode Management

Management of shortcodes for integrating MLM features into various pages or sections of the WooCommerce site.

Mail Integration

Integration with email services to facilitate communication with users. This includes sending notifications, updates, and promotional emails.

SMS Integration

Integration with SMS services for sending text notifications and alerts to users.


Integration with additional plugins and addons, such as WooCommerce Membership, YITH WooCommerce Subscription, and TeraWallet for extended functionalities.

Renew Subscription

Admins can generate reports to track subscription renewals, providing insights into the number of renewals, revenue generated from renewals, and other relevant metrics.

Frontend User


Users can register as distributors through the WooCommerce frontend. The registration process includes providing necessary details such as personal information and sponsor ID.


Registered users can log in using their credentials through the WooCommerce login system.

Payout List

Display a list of payouts or commissions earned by the user. This list may include details such as the source of the commission (direct referrals, level commission, pair commission, etc.).

Affiliate Commission:

Users earn commissions for directly sponsoring or referring new members. The Binary plan restricts the number of direct referrals to two.

Level Commission

Commissions are earned based on activities or sales within the user’s downline levels. Different levels may have different commission rates.

Pair Commission

Binary plans often involve pair commissions, where a distributor earns a commission for every matched pair in their downline (one member from the left leg and one from the right leg).

Regular Bonus

Additional bonuses may be provided for achieving certain milestones or targets, such as reaching a specific sales volume or recruiting a certain number of new members.

User Dashboard

A personalized dashboard within WooCommerce where users can view their earnings, downline structure, and other relevant information.

Genealogy Tree

Visual representation of the binary tree structure, showing the user’s downline and upline relationships.

Bank Details

Users can provide and manage their bank details for commission payouts.

User Profile

Users can update and manage their profile information through the WooCommerce interface.

Join MLM Member

An option for users to join the MLM program directly through the WooCommerce frontend.

Send Invitation

Users can send invitations to potential recruits, typically through personalized referral links.

Withdrawal Request

Users can request withdrawals of their earned commissions directly from the WooCommerce interface.

Display Earning

Visual representation, such as graphs, showing earnings and withdrawal history over time.

Top Users and Recent

Display a list of top-performing users and recent joiners on the user dashboard for social proof and motivation.

E-Commerce Integration

User report are generate reports and analyze data related to your MLM program’s performance, member activity, and commissions distribution.

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