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Binary MLM Plan Pro


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Binary Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) E-Pin System

Binary Multi-Level Marketing e-pin Plan Pro Software is a sophisticated web application designed to efficiently manage binary MLM networks. It offers a comprehensive set of features to effectively track downline incomes, uplines, and expenditures within the network.

Binary Structure Management

  • Implements a two-legged binary structure where each distributor or member is placed in either the left or right sub-tree.
  • Defines one sub-tree as the Power Leg or Profit Leg, while the other sub-tree serves as the Profit Leg or Weak Leg.
  • Facilitates the organization and visualization of the binary network structure, providing clarity and ease of management.

E-Pin System Integration

  • Incorporates an E-Pin system to facilitate secure transactions and activations within the MLM network.
  • Enables distributors to purchase or generate E-Pins for product purchases, registrations, or other transactions within the network.
  • Tracks the usage and distribution of E-Pins, ensuring transparency and accountability in transactions.

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Admin Details

Username: bmp-admin

Password: bmp_admin@123


User Details

Username: user1

Password: letscms@user

Features of Binary MLM Plan Binary MLM E-Pin System PRO


General Settings

Implement settings for currency, affiliate user redirect page, redirection after registration, activation of ePin, ePin length, auto-fill options, and withdrawal limit using custom development or existing plugins.

Eligibility Settings

Develop functionality to configure eligibility criteria settings for direct paid referrals, left leg referrals, and right leg referrals.

Payout Settings

Create settings for pair commissions, further pair commissions, initial pairs, initial pair amount, further pair amount, affiliate or direct referral commissions, service charge (if any), and tax deduction.

Bonus Settings

Implement bonus criteria and bonus slab settings to determine how bonuses are awarded based on performance or achievements.

Levels Settings

Develop functionality to set the number of levels for the MLM plan to define the structure of the binary MLM network.

Level Commissions

Create settings for level commissions, including the level name, commission amount, and commission type (fixed or percentage) for each level.

E-pins Settings

Implement settings for ePins, such as ePin type, ePin name, ePin price, and the number of ePins available for purchase or distribution.


Set up a licensing system to validate the license key provided for the MLM software.

Commissions & Bonuses

Develop functionality to calculate and manage commissions and bonuses, including pair commissions, affiliate or direct referrals commissions, level commissions, and bonuses.

Run Payouts

Implement functionality to run payouts based on the configured settings for pair commissions, affiliate or direct referrals commissions, level commissions, and bonuses.


Develop reporting functionality for ePin reports, user reports, payout reports, withdrawal reports, and genealogy tree.

Message Center

Set up a message center or mail center for communication purposes, including registration email settings (mail to, subject, message).


User Dashboard

Use a user dashboard plugin like “Ultimate Member” or “Profile Press” to create personalized dashboards for users.

My E-Pin

Use a membership plugin like “Paid Memberships Pro” or custom development to manage requested and received E-Pins for users.

Genealogy Tree

Genealogy Tree to generate and display the genealogy tree. Alternatively, you might need custom development to add features like adding members to the tree.

Payout Details

Binary MLM plugin may also offer built-in features for displaying pair commissions, referral commissions, level commissions, and bonus details.

Account Details

Utilize profile management plugins like “Ultimate Member” or “User Profile Picture” to allow users to update personal and bank details.

Withdraw Amount

Utilize custom fields to display account balance details (current balance, requested balance, pending balance) and withdrawal requests.


Customize form fields to collect necessary information for MLM registration.

Join Us

Implement a membership registration process using the selected membership plugin (e.g., “Paid Memberships Pro”).

Provide options for users to join as MLM or non-MLM members during registration.

Send Invitation

Customize email templates to include invitation messages and registration links.

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