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Board Mlm WooCommerce


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Board Multi-level Marketing Plan WooCommerce Plugin

Board MLM WooCommerce Software is a software application based on Board MLM plan that empowers growing MLM companies to generate more leads, manage their customer and distributor base and expand their MLM business into new areas.

Board plan is otherwise known as revolving matrix plan or matrix cycle plan. This Plan gives you a chance to benefit from the effort of all the other board members. Because a specific member is entitled to a bonus or commission every time the Board/Matrix Cycle entry is finalized.

Admin Details


Password: boardmlm

User Details

Username: user

Password: 123456

Board MLM Commissions

  • Referral Commissions

    Referral commissions, also known as sponsor commissions or direct commissions, are earned when an existing member recruits or refers a new member to join the MLM program. These commissions are usually calculated as a percentage of the sales made by the referred member or a fixed amount for each referral. Referral commissions incentivize members to actively recruit new participants and grow their downline networks.

  • Level Commissions

    Level commissions are earned based on the sales or activities of members within specific levels or generations of the MLM participant's downline network. Each level represents a tier of recruits below the referring member, with the first level consisting of direct recruits and subsequent levels representing recruits referred by those direct recruits and so on.

  • Join Commissions

    Join commissions, also known as enrollment bonuses or starter bonuses, are earned when a new member joins the MLM program and purchases a starter kit or enrollment package. These commissions are typically one-time bonuses awarded to the referring member for recruiting and enrolling the new participant.

  • Matching Commissions

    Matching commissions, also known as bonus or override commissions, are earned based on the sales or commissions earned by members within a member's downline network. These commissions are calculated as a percentage of the earnings generated by personally recruited members or a specified number of levels deep within the downline structure.

  • Completion Commissions

    Completion commissions are earned upon achieving specific criteria or milestones set by the MLM program, such as reaching a certain sales volume, rank advancement, or team-building objectives. These commissions may be awarded as one-time bonuses or ongoing incentives to recognize and motivate members for their accomplishments.

Features of Board MLM Plan Board MLM Multi-Level Marketing WooCommerce


Provides a centralized hub for MLM members to access key metrics, performance indicators, and essential tools. Offers a snapshot of the member’s current status, earnings, downline structure, and other relevant information.

Eligibility Criteria

Specifies the number of personal referrals required for members to qualify for commissions. Provides the ability to distribute commissions to members who do not meet eligibility criteria, possibly as a form of incentive or bonus.

Order Mapping

Associates MLM commissions with specific order completion statuses within the WooCommerce system.

Level Management

This feature likely allows users to manage different levels within the MLM structure, defining criteria for advancement, benefits, and restrictions associated with each level.

Downliners Page

This page provides users with information about their downline members, including their direct recruits and possibly their recruits’ recruits.

Genealogy Page

This page typically displays a graphical representation of a user’s downline structure, showing relationships between users and their recruits in a hierarchical format.

Payout Details

This page presents information about the payouts a user has received, including details about the source of the commissions (such as level commissions, referral commissions, etc.) and the amount received.

Personal Information

Users can view and possibly edit their personal information on this page, including contact details, payment preferences, etc.

Bank Details

Users can provide or update their banking information for receiving commissions and payouts securely.

Withdrawal Amount

Users can request withdrawals of their earned commissions from this page, specifying the amount they wish to withdraw and the preferred payment method.

Registration Page

This page facilitates the registration process for new users interested in joining the MLM program.

Intelligent Promotional

These tools could include features like automated email campaigns, social media sharing integrations, or targeted advertising options to help users promote their MLM business effectively.

Auto Promotion

This feature automatically promotes users to higher levels within the MLM structure based on predefined criteria such as sales volume, recruit count, etc.


The system ensures accurate and transparent calculation of commissions and bonuses, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

Recycling Entry System

This feature allows for the re-entry of users into the MLM board or matrix after they have completed a cycle, ensuring continuous participation and earning opportunities.

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