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Board MLM Plan WooCommerce


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Board MLM Plan,WooCommerce

Board MLM WooCommerce Software is a software application based on Board MLM plan that empowers growing MLM companies to generate more leads, manage their customer and distributor base and expand their MLM business into new areas.

Board plan is otherwise known as revolving matrix plan or matrix cycle plan. This Plan gives you a chance to benefit from the effort of all the other board members. Because a specific member is entitled to a bonus or commission every time the Board/Matrix Cycle entry is finalized.

Username :

Password: boardmlm

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Username : user

Password: 123456

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Features of Board MLM Plan WooCommerce

Admin Features

  • Level Management
  • My Downliners Page
  • Genealogy Page
  • My Downliners Page
  • Payout Details Page
  • Personal Information Page
  • Bank Details Page
  • Withdrawal Amount Page
  • Registration Page
  • Intelligent Promotional Tools
  • Auto Promotion to Higher Level
  • Error-free Compensation Calculations
  • Recycling Entry System into the Board

Frontend Features

It works Based on Board Rules i.e 1Xinfinite etc.

There are four types of commission

i. Join Commission

ii. Referral or Affiliate Commission

iii.  Board Completion Commission

iv. Matching Commission

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