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Multi-Level Marketing Software


Custom MLM Software Pricing According to Your Business Plans

Custom MLM Software Tailored to Your MLM Business Plans

Get custom MLM software designed specifically for your MLM business plans. Our software supports various MLM structures, including Binary, Unilevel, Matrix, and more. Ensure your business operations run smoothly with features like automated commission calculations, genealogy tracking, e-wallet integration, and robust reporting tools. Contact us to learn how our tailored MLM solutions can help grow your network marketing business.

Custom MLM Software According to Your MLM Business Plans

If you are running an MLM business, having the right software to manage and track your network is crucial. Custom MLM software can be tailored to fit the specific needs and compensation plans of your business. Here’s how custom MLM software can be configured to support various MLM business plans:

Live Demo - Unilevel Mlm Laravel

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Key Features of Custom MLM Software:

Admin Dashboard

A centralized control panel for administrators to manage and monitor the entire MLM system.

Affiliate Commission

Admins can set commission rates for direct referrals or affiliate commissions. This involves determining the percentage or fixed amount that users earn for each direct referral.

Level Commissions

Admins can configure commission rates for each level within the binary structure. Different levels may have different commission percentages.

Company Commissions​

Configuration of commission settings for company commission within the unilevel structure. This includes specifying the commission amount or percentage for each matched pair.

Join Commissions

Configuration of  commission settings for Join commission within the unilevel structure. This includes specifying the commission amount or percentage for each matched pair.

Genealogy Tree

Visual representation of the binary tree structure showing the relationships between users and their downline.

Regular Bonus

Admins can set criteria and commission rates for regular bonuses, such as achievement bonuses or milestone bonuses.

Rank Advancement

Like other MLM plans, distributors in the Unilevel MLM eCommerce Plan can advance in rank based on their sales performance, recruitment efforts, and overall team performance.

Fast Start Bonus

Bonuses awarded to distributors for quickly building a certain sales volume or achieving specific milestones shortly after joining.

Run Payout

Admins can initiate the payout process, which calculates and disburses commissions to eligible users based on the configured settings.

Payout Report

Comprehensive reports detailing the payouts made to users. This includes information on the source of the commission, the amount, and the recipient.

User Report

Detailed reports on user activities, including direct referrals, downline growth, and earnings.

Subscription Plan

Configuration of subscription plans, including the duration of user subscriptions and the timing for commission calculations.

Withdrawal Report

Reports providing insights into withdrawal requests made by users. This includes information on the amount requested and the status of each withdrawal.

Withdrawal Limit

Admins can set minimum and maximum withdrawal limits to control the amount users can request for withdrawal.

Proceed Withdrawal

Capability for admins to review and approve withdrawal requests, initiating the disbursement of funds.

E-commerce Functionality

Integration with an e-commerce platform for product sales, order management, and transaction processing.

Tax and Service Charge

Configuration options for adding taxes and service charges to commission payouts.

Frontend User

Login and Registration

Users can securely log in to their accounts or register for a new account

E-Commerce Integration

User report are generate reports and analyze data related to your MLM program’s performance, member activity, and commissions distribution.

Change Password

Option to change the user’s password for account security.

Genealogy Tree

View the hierarchical genealogy structure. Search users by name, username, or email. Full-screen mode for better visibility.

My Referrals

List of the user’s referrals. Includes username, name, email, and join date of each referral.

Commission Summary

Detailed summary of commission transactions. Shows transaction ID, amount, charges, and post-balance.

Affiliate Commission

Users earn commissions for directly sponsoring or referring new members. The Binary plan restricts the number of direct referrals to two.

Level Commission

Commissions are earned based on activities or sales within the user’s downline levels. Different levels may have different commission rates.

Join Commission

Immediate bonuses or commissions when new distributors join the MLM network.

Company Commission

Commissions earned by the company from overall sales generated in the network.

Regular Bonus

Additional bonuses may be provided for achieving certain milestones or targets, such as reaching a specific sales volume or recruiting a certain number of new members.

Payout List​

Display a list of payouts or commissions earned by the user. This list may include details such as the source of the commission (direct referrals, level commission, pair commission, etc.).


View a list of orders made by the user. Includes invoice number, total price,  purchase type, date, and status. Option to take action on orders.

Ticketing System

Users can raise tickets for support  queries. View ticket status and respond to replies.

Profile Settings

View and edit user profile information. Includes name, username, email, mobile number, address, city, state, and profile picture.

Additional Customizations

  • Mobile App: Access to the MLM system via mobile devices.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Integration with payment gateways, CRM systems, and other third-party applications.
  • Marketing Tools: Email marketing, social media integration, and lead capture tools.
  • Compliance Management: Tools to ensure regulatory compliance in various regions.

By choosing custom MLM software, you can ensure that your MLM business runs smoothly and efficiently, with all the features you need to support your unique business model.

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