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Unilevel Mlm Ecommerce Plan


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Unilevel MLM Ecommerce Plan in Flask - Python

Unilevel MLM Ecommerce Plan is a web application that helps to manage unilevel networks such as to keep track on down-line’s incomes , uplines and expenditure.

Unilevel MLM Ecommerce Plan includes number of legged structure where in a parent Node has many sub nodes where each new distributor or members is placed in down sub-tree. It  is one of the basic Unilevel Ecommerce which is required by all the MLM organizations be it small or large. The Unilevel Ecommerce helps admin managing users or sub nodes in a Unary network to keep record of their income, expenses etc.

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Features of Unilevel MLM Plan Affiliate Unilevel Plan Multi-Level Marketing Ecommerce

Affiliate Commission

This is a commission earned by members for referring new individuals to join the MLM network. It is usually a percentage of the new member’s initial purchase or sales.

Joining Commission

Join commissions are paid to members when they recruit new members into the network. It is often a one-time bonus or commission earned when the new member signs up or makes their initial purchase.

Level Commission

Level commissions are earned when members reach a certain level or rank within the MLM hierarchy. These commissions are often based on the sales or activities of the members in their downline, extending to a specific number of levels.

Company Commission

This commission is earned by members based on the overall sales or performance of the entire MLM network. It’s typically calculated as a percentage of the company’s total sales or profits.

Regular Bonus

Regular bonuses are periodic bonuses or incentives given to members for meeting specific sales or recruitment targets. They can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly bonuses to motivate consistent performance.

Member Management

Efficiently manage member profiles, registrations, downlines, and genealogy with our comprehensive member management tools.

E-commerce Integration

Seamlessly merge your Unilevel MLM operations with woocommerce functionality. Members can conveniently purchase products or services directly through the platform.

Reporting and Analytics

Provide reporting and analytics tools to help MLM administrators and participants track their performance, sales, and earnings.


Visualize your network’s structure with an interactive genealogy tree, making it easy to track downlines and monitor growth.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Our MLM software offers a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard for both administrators and members, making it easy to navigate and manage various aspects of your MLM business.

User Report

Generate reports for administrators to analyze commission payouts, member activity, etc.

Run Payout

Automate commission calculations and payouts to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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