Custom MLM Software

Custom MLM Software refers to a tailored software solution designed specifically for managing and automating the operations of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses. Unlike off-the-shelf MLM software, custom MLM software is developed to meet the unique needs and requirements of a particular MLM company. This personalized approach ensures that the software aligns perfectly with the company’s business model, compensation plans, and operational workflows.

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Key Features of Custom MLM Software

Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate or Referrals Commissions: Earned from referring new members to the MLM program.

Joining Commissions

Joining Commissions: Provided when new members join the MLM network.

Level Commissions

Level or Pair or Matching Commissions: Earned based on the structure and depth of the MLM network, typically calculated on multiple levels or pairs.

Regular Bonus

Regular Bonus: Recurring bonuses for consistent performance.

Rank Achievements

Rank Achievements & Rewards Bonuses: Special bonuses and rewards for reaching specific ranks within the MLM structure.

User Dashboard

Comprehensive interface for users to manage their account, view earnings, and track MLM activity.

Genealogy Tree

Add New Member: Functionality to enroll new members into the MLM network.

View Genealogy Tree: Visual representation of the MLM network showing the relationships and structure.

Withdrawal Settings

Withdrawal Settings: Define minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

Subscription Plan

Subscription Plan: Management of subscription-based services within the MLM structure.

Run Payout

Run Payout: Process payouts for commissions, bonuses, and other earnings.

E-pin System

E-pin System: Secure electronic PINs for transactions within the MLM network.


E-wallet: Digital wallet for managing earnings, commissions, and bonuses.

Mobile Recharge

Mobile Recharge: Integration for recharging mobile services as part of the MLM offerings.


Downline Management: Tools for managing the members in a user’s downline.

User Report

User Report: Detailed reports on user activity, earnings, and MLM performance.

Run Payout

Run Payout: Process payouts for commissions, bonuses, and other earnings.


User-Friendly Interface: Manage everything in one location with an intuitive user interface.

Automatic Follow

Automatic Follow-Ups: Send automated emails and notifications to keep contacts updated on news and deals.

Multiple Currency

Multiple Currency Support: Simplify cross-border transactions with support for several currencies.


Customization: Adapt the software to fit specific business needs.

Multi Level Marketing Software

Binary Network Marketing Software

Binary MLM Plan

A binary MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) plan is a popular compensation plan used in the network marketing industry. It’s called binary because it involves building two legs or downlines of distributors.

Single Leg MLM Software

Monoline MLM Plan

A Monoline MLM plan, also known as a Single Leg or Linear MLM plan, is a structure where everyone is placed in a single line, and each new member is placed under the previous member, forming a linear structure. 

Matrix MLM Software

Force Matrix MLM Plan

Force MLM software is a tool designed to automate and manage the operations of a Matrix MLM compensation plan. The software is developed to handle the complexities of the matrix structure, commission calculations, member management, and other aspects of a Matrix MLM business.

Network Marketing Software

Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Software is a type of network marketing compensation plan where there is no width limit on the number of people recruited on the first level.

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Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development

Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development involves creating a software platform that integrates multi-level marketing (MLM) with cryptocurrency functionalities. This software allows MLM businesses to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies for transactions, commissions, and rewards, providing enhanced security, transparency, and global accessibility.

Key Features of Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Multi-Coin Support: Supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

  • Wallet Integration: Includes secure, integrated wallets for storing and managing cryptocurrencies.

  • Real-Time Exchange Rates: Displays real-time cryptocurrency exchange rates and updates automatically.

E-Commerce Integration

  • Product Listings: Manage and sell products or services.

  • Order Management: Track and fulfill customer orders.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Accept payments via cryptocurrencies and traditional methods.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Global Reach

    Facilitates international transactions without the need for currency conversion.

  • Security

    Enhanced security with blockchain technology and encryption.

  • Transparency

    Clear and immutable records of transactions and commissions.

  • Efficiency

    Fast and cost-effective transactions without the need for intermediaries.

  • Scalability

    Easily scalable to accommodate growing networks and user bases.

Cryptocurrency MLM software development combines the lucrative business model of MLM with the innovative capabilities of cryptocurrencies, providing a modern and efficient platform for MLM businesses to thrive.

Direct Selling Software

LETSCMS MLM offers a comprehensive software solution tailored to address the unique challenges of direct selling businesses. Below is an overview of their direct selling software, highlighting key features, benefits, and compensation plans.

LETSCMS MLM Direct Selling Software is designed to make direct sales firms more productive, engaging, and profitable. It provides an all-in-one, scalable platform for managing network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling needs.

Direct Selling Definition: Direct selling involves selling products and services directly to consumers without intermediaries like wholesalers and distributors.

LETSCMS MLM Technology: LETSCMS uses cutting-edge technology to support various marketing strategies, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Advantages of LETSCMS MLM Direct Selling Software

  1. Cost-Effective: Affordable without compromising quality.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Enhances collaboration and coordination between agents, administrators, and customers.
  3. Increased Productivity: Efficient management boosts productivity.
  4. High Business Performance: Supports effective planning and performance monitoring.
  5. System Integration: Facilitates integration of company resources for smooth operation.
  6. Motivated Sales Force: Improved tools and management increase employee motivation.

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