Privacy Policy

Our company offers digital products that are non-refundable. To assist in your decision-making, we provide the opportunity to test our software through a demo. We regret any inconvenience but cannot process refunds for software purchases.

Letscms mlm software - Privacy policy


After the purchase, refunds cannot be processed due to the digital nature of the product, which includes the source code.

Prior to making a purchase, it is advisable to review the demo to ensure the software aligns with your requirements. If satisfied, proceed with the purchase.

For any installation issues or inquiries, please contact us via email at or on Skype: jks0586

This privacy policy outlines who we are and our refund policy, emphasizing the non-refundable nature of our digital products and the importance of testing our software through the provided demo before making a purchase. For any assistance, customers are encouraged to reach out via email or Skype.

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