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Monoline/Single Leg MLM E-Pin Plan for WordPress

Monoline MLM plan Software is a web application that helps to manage monoline MLM networks such as to keep track of downlines’ incomes, uplines, and expenditures.

Monoline Multi Level Marketing Plan includes a one-legged structure where in a parent Node has one sub-node where each new distributor or member is placed under a sub-tree. It is one of the basic Monoline MLM plans which is required by all MLM organizations be they small or large. The monoline MLM plan helps the admin manage users or sub-nodes in a monoline network to keep a record of their income, expenses, etc. 

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Admin Details

Username: demo

Password: demo@1234

User Details

Username: u1

Password: 123456

Monoline or Single Leg MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) system

A Monoline or Single Leg MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) system is a type of compensation plan where all the participants are placed in a single line or “monoline.” In this structure, each new member is placed directly under the previous member, forming a single line of distributors or affiliates.

The E-pin system is a feature within MLM software that allows for the generation, distribution, and management of electronic pins (e-pins). These e-pins serve various purposes within the MLM system, such as:

User Registration

E-pins can be used by new members to register for the MLM program. Instead of completing a traditional registration process, they enter a valid e-pin to join the network.

Product Purchases

Some MLM companies use e-pins as a form of payment for purchasing products or services offered by the company. Users can redeem their e-pins to make purchases within the system.

Membership Renewal

In subscription-based MLM programs, members may need to renew their membership periodically. E-pins can be used to facilitate this renewal process, allowing members to extend their membership by redeeming a renewal e-pin.

Incentives and Rewards

E-pins can also be used as incentives or rewards for achieving certain milestones or performance targets within the MLM program. Members may receive e-pins as bonuses, commissions, or recognition for their efforts.

Overall, the e-pin system streamlines the process of managing registrations, purchases, renewals, and incentives within the Monoline MLM system, providing a convenient and efficient way to handle transactions and activities within the network.

Features of Monoline MLM Plan Single Leg MLM Monoline E-pin System E-pin Code generator E-pin MLM ePIN Electronic , WordPress

Admin Features

Generate e-Pins

Generate e-Pins (Regular and Free): Allows the admin to generate both regular and free e-pins for user registration or other purposes.

E-Pin Report

e-Pin Report (Used and Unused e-Pins): Provides a report displaying the usage status of e-pins, distinguishing between used and unused ones.


Generates reports detailing payout transactions and commissions earned by users.


Report to show complete details of an individual payout: Provides comprehensive details of individual payout transactions, including the amount, recipient, and transaction date.


Affiliate Commission Tracks and manages affiliate commissions earned by users for referring new members to the MLM program.


Join Commission: Administers commissions earned by users when they join the MLM program or recruit new members.


Matching Commission: Manages commissions earned by users based on matching criteria within the MLM structure.


ReJoin Commission: Handles commissions earned by users when they rejoin the MLM program after a certain period or condition.

Fast Start

FastStart Bonus: Facilitates the distribution of bonuses to users who achieve specific milestones or performance targets quickly after joining

Admin access

Admin access to mark a monoline MLM user paid / unpaid: Provides admin control to mark users as paid or unpaid for better payout management.


Specify base currency in the admin: Allows the admin to define the base currency for all financial transactions within the MLM system.


Specify eligibility criteria in the admin: Enables the admin to set criteria for user eligibility, such as minimum qualifications or performance standards.


Configuration of commission and bonus details in the admin: Provides flexibility for the admin to configure commission rates and bonus structures according to specific requirements.


Service Charges for payout: Allows the admin to deduct service charges or fees from payouts processed to users.

Run payouts

Run payouts manually: Offers the option to manually initiate and process payouts to users as needed.

Payout Detail

Payout Detail based on user in admin Provides detailed information on payouts for individual users within the admin dashboard.

Frontend Features


Register a Monoline MLM User from the provided registration page: Allows users to register for the Monoline MLM program through a dedicated registration page.


Register New Members using Genealogy Enables existing members to register new members directly through their genealogy or downline structure.


User Registration using ePin: Allows users the option to register using e-pins, providing an alternative registration method.


Members can view full payout details in their account: Allows registered members to access and view comprehensive details of their payout transactions within their user accounts.

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