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OpenCart, “Pincode-based price” refers to a feature or functionality that allows you to set different prices or shipping rates based on the customer’s location, specifically their pincode or postal code. This feature is commonly used when dealing with products that have variable pricing or shipping costs depending on the destination.

With pincode-based pricing, you can define specific price rules or shipping rules based on different pincode ranges or individual pincodes. When a customer enters their pincode during the checkout process, OpenCart checks the entered pincode against the defined rules and applies the corresponding price or shipping rate.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to accommodate variable costs based on location, such as for products that require special handling or have higher shipping costs to certain regions.

To implement pincode-based pricing in OpenCart, you would typically need to utilize a specific extension or plugin designed to provide this functionality. There are several third-party extensions available in the OpenCart marketplace that enable you to set up pincode-based pricing rules and customize pricing or shipping rates based on the customer’s pincode.

By configuring pincode-based pricing, you can offer more accurate and tailored pricing or shipping options to your customers, taking into account the specific requirements and costs associated with different locations or pincode ranges.

Installation Support OpenCart Extensions

OpenCart PinCode Base in OpenCart

 Installation support

  • Simple and Robust-installation
  • Easily manageable from admin
  • Beautiful user friendly UI
  • All theme compatible
  • Multi-Language compatible
  • Using own set of files, hence no core file change or overwritten
  • Ultra-light page load


FAQ – Admin Configuration


After the successful installation of the module, the admin will be able to configure the PINCODE BASED PRICE module for use. Admin can do following settings-

Enable/Disable the module.

Import product pincode price using CSV file.


FAQ on website


Product price will show according to pincode of default address of user or checkout ship/delivery details pincode.

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