Pincode Based Price (OPENCART)

Pincode based price (opencart)


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If You are using OpenCart 3.X.X.X version, you need to install Installation Issue Fixed Module.

1.Copy all files/folder to exact loction manually. (Goto step 6)

2.OR with the help of “Extension Installer” below are the steps.

3.Open your admin goto Extensions Tab and click “Extension Installer”.

4.Then click on “Upload” button and select the downloaded folder/directory “”, if you find “” plz rename into “”.

5.After that goto “Modification” you can see the file below, now click clear and refresh button.

6.Now goto Extension Tab and select “Extension” then click on dropdown menu and select “Module”.

7.Then click on “Install” and “Edit” button and enable the status and save it.

8.You can see Pincode Price Tab click, it shows (You do not have permission to access this page).

9.Now click on “System” then User Groups Tab, click on Select All link of Access Permission and Modify Permission and save it.

10.Goto Pincode Price Tab, You can save product pincode price by impoting csv.

11.Now click on Pincode price Tab and select Pincode Price.

12.Then you can import csv file of product pincode prices.

13.Goto catalog Tab and select products ,edit any product then goto pincode based price ,here admin can set regular pride of product related to pincode and special price if any special price enable.

15.Now go to discount tab , here you can set discount price and pincode.

Enjoy and Thanks for downloading.


Features –


 installation support

Simple and Robust-installation

Easily manageable from admin

Beautiful user friendly UI

All theme compatible

Multi-Language compatible

Using own set of files, hence no core file change or overwritten


Ultra-light page load


FAQ – Admin Configuration


After the successful installation of the module, the admin will be able to configure the PINCODE BASED PRICE module for use. Admin can do following settings-

Enable/Disable the module.

Import product pincode price using CSV file.


FAQ on website


Product price will show according to pincode of default address of user or checkout ship/delivery details pincode.


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